The Culture Canvas

40% of the U.S. Workforce will be freelance by 2020

Project teams are distributed, people work from home, and email is being dumped for Slack or Basecamp.

How do you leverage all the possibilities the Future of Work had to offer? And where do you start? That’s why we’ve created the Culture Canvas:

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What You'll Learn

The Culture Canvas is designed to get you moving.

First Steps
The Culture Canvas takes the research into high performing teams and simplifies it into an easy to understand template. Learn how to transform your team using the project culture canvas.
Culture Hacking
The world is changing at an accelerating rate, and many organisational cultures have not kept up with the new ways of working. Learn what makes a project culture work, and how to change it from the bottom up.
Increase Effectiveness
Move from efficiency to effectiveness. Create a team culture that allows new technology to work for you, rather than being yet another tool.

Why You Need This Book

Overview of the Culture Canvas



The Future of Work

Why you need the Culture Canvas?


Global Trends

What are the global trends regarding the Future of Work?


People > Tools Challenge

How can we hack company culture?


Using the Culture Canvas

How will the Culture Canvas get you started?

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The People Behind The Canvas

The changing nature of work has always fascinated us. Distributed teams, flexitime and telecommuting have all had their effect on company culture in a way that no "mission, vision" statement can mend.

This project was born from the #CoCreateSA initiative of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa, that brings together Dutch and South African innovators.

It took an in depth view of the "Future of Work" and how to improve team interactions in this new environment. While there is a lot of  research behind the canvas and the type of questions that it asks, we wanted to make it simple and accessible to readers, even if english is not their first language.



 Kevin Weijers

While being flooded by 150 emails a day working a government job, Kevin said farewell to his inbox in 2013, and his full time employment shortly after. He now helps companies, organisations, and brands all around the world explore the possibilities of the future of work, by running actionable experiments.

Although the Future of Work is strongly associated with digital collaboration tools, Kevin believes the single most important asset is always the team culture.



We are a digital transformation consultancy. We partner with leading, future- focused companies to drive strategic digital innovation and deliver revenue growth. Our team consists of divergent skills and backgrounds, employing proven methodologies to develop new products and services from concept to go-to-market.

We see digital transformation not just as a new interface, but also as the cultural transformation required to make it stick. This book is an example of our work, as are consumer apps, backend APIs, data driven insights and comprehensive business models.



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